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April 2nd 1932. A WHOLE NEW WORLD !
April 5th 1932. INTO THE CATACOMBS !
April 6th 1932. ROAMING EXPLORING !
April 7th 1932. INTO THE DEEP !
April 8th 1932. TAKING THE CASTLE !
April 9th 1932. INTO THE BOAR'S CAVE !
April 10th 1932. THE CURTAIN FALLS !
April 11th 1932. CLUES !
April 12th 1932. INTO THE GROTTOS !
April 13th 1932. OUT OF THE GROTTOS !
April 15th 1932. THE DRUNKEN MAN'S STORY !
April 16th 1932. INTO THE ALARIAN VAULTS !
April 17th 1932. BACK TO THE GROTTOS !
April 18th 1932. THE LAST CASSIDIAN !
April 23th 1932. INTO THE ZONE OF DEATH !
April 24th 1932. MERNOC DOOMSTOWN !
April 25th 1932. THE DAWN OF THE MOONWAND !
April 28th 1932. THE HEART OF STONE !
April 29th 1932. THE BIG TRIUMPH !



When we woke up something came into my mind. I felt that visiting Naristos, the old hunter who once saved me from Thardan's mercenaries, was a good idea. Maybe he could tell us some news. And probably he would be glad to see me again. My companions agreed to travel there since the forests south Larvin were nice place to recreate and to enjoy nature. We had seen many nasty things the past days. A trip to the Green Lungs of the country could give us some positive impressions, so we thought.
At first, we were right. But then the bad reality got us back. When we arrived at Naristos' tower, Jordrak, his old servant welcomed us, lost in tears. Interrupted by fits of sobbing he told us that little time after I had left the forest, Thardan's mercenaries fell in. They murdered many innocent people and finally found Naristos. One of their mages applied a spell to him so he couldn't move anymore. Then the others hit him down until he died. It was terrible. Wiping some tears from his eyes Jordrak warned us not touch Naristos' body. The mercenary mages had put a cursed wand to him which prevented his soul from leaving the body. Jordrak once tried to bury Naristos but when he touched him a dreadful magical shock had burnt his hands. The old servant cried. Day in day out he had to watch his master lying on the grass and nothing seemed to relieve the curse from him.
We left Jordrak and promised to do what was possible in order to free Naristos' soul. Our anti-magic spheres now were much stronger than the capabilities of Thardan's mercenary mages.

We found Naristos at a meadow not far from his tower. Indeed when we examined him our anti-magic spheres reacted. Surely some stronger mages had done the curse. It was not easy to move the body. I had to try several times but finally found the cursed wand. When I took it from his hands the body began to glow temporarily and then crumbled to dust. We felt that Naristos' soul had reached the place where it belonged to now.
Suddenly I felt very bad. Before I could say anything I lost conciousness.
When I woke up deep darkness surrounded me. Somewhere water dropped from the ceiling. I stumbled forward and hit wet cold walls. Slowly I realized that I was imprisoned. It seemed that the death of Naristos was part of a great plan to catch me. Everything seemed to be lost. I was about to accept that Thardan indeed was the master of this world. My only hope was that my companions would find a way to free Bergarac without me.
After a few terrible hours of loneliness suddenly blazing light filled the room. A human shape formed from it. I was ready to face death. But it wasn't Thardan. It was Toronar ! What a welcome was that ! Toronar told me, that after I had removed the cursed wand from Naristos, I phased out of existence. Mandrag had been afraid that this was a trap. And he was right. Only one place was likely to be the direction for this teleportation wand, since he knew that the Lords of Cassida once used such wands to imprison criminals to the Castle Crypt of Cassida. One of the wands had been stuck to the ground at a spot north to Cassida.

The caught and sentenced criminals once were led to this place and had to touch the wand which then transported them into the prison chambers. Unfortunately after every transportation a new wand had to be installed by a specialist. That's why only one of our group could follow me. I was happy that my companions had not forgotten me. I gave my old friend Toronar a strong hug and then we began to examine the prison chamber. We found some skulls and bones and beneath them a Windcloak, a Goldeye, a Fracwand, a HealAll potion and a Lightwand. The prison door wasn't locked. We had no much time to wonder why. Gigantic creatures attacked us. They reminded me to the dreadful Minotaur of the ancient Greek myths. But this maze wasn't housed by only one Minotaur. There were many of them. No need to comment what that meant for us.

Since we didn't know where to go we just explored the other prison cells and gathering halls. Besides some useful and also harmful fountains, we found a HPplus3 potion, many HealAll potions, a HPplus1 potion, a Dxrty5 potion, a Jaggalak, a Stamina3 potion, Windscale and another Gemstaff. By teleporting we moved through separated parts of the level until we found a disengaged teleporter field. From our experiences we knew that there had to be a switch for it somewhere. We found it in one of the cells of the prison halls. In the end of a parallel floor we found a stairway down to the second level. Many invisible and one-way doors, lots of phasing walls and some backsetting teleporters were installed there in order to make strangers dizzy.
Exploring the floors and chambers we found a Strength4 potion, two Masterwands, a plunger and some HealAll potions. Finally we found stairs to the next level. We entered a huge part of the Castle Crypt. From the stairway we came into a hall which was surrounded by doors each leading to a floor heading to another direction. We decided to try them out beginning with the right one to the south. There we found a stairway up into another part of the second level. Lots of prison cells could be found there. Skeletons of mighty warriors faded in the niches. We believed that the dead men wouldn't mind if we took some of their belongings (Diamondhelm (80oz W4-A19-D7-S9-M18), HPplus1 potion, Stone Ring, Magic Sack).

In one of the guardian's rooms we noticed a strange cross made of steel and diamonds. It could be rotated and when we did so, four times until it was head up again, a magical noise was heard from far. We decided to remember the cross once we would learn more about it. Maybe it was a special switch for a gate or a teleporter. We went back to the many doors hall where we had come from. One thing became clear now. The cross had alarmed the guardians. We had to face large groups of Minotaurs, Zombies, Demons, Gargoyles and Gargons.
Exploring wasn't easy from now on. A northeastern door of the many doors hall led east into a long serpentine floor at whose end a teleporter sent us into a part of the dungeon called Travel Chamber. There many teleporters were installed which sent us to different locations at the level, where some armament could be found (Shredstar (28oz W4-A2-D4-S6-P5) a throwing weapon, a Voongarb (28oz W0-A6-D15-S3-M6), Demonboots, Dracplate (546oz W6-A17-D2-S9-M30), a Skill5 potion, Moongloves and Crystplate (784oz W1-A22-D0-S0-M9). One of the teleporters brought us to a narrow floor followed by a stairway up to another part of the second level. There we found Starboots and hit a teleporter that further brought us to another separated part of the dungeon where we found a Starwand in one of the larger prison cells. We followed the floor and found a deactivated teleporter field. We had no idea how to activate it. Sadly we stopped asking ourselves whether this was the end of our expedition.

Suddenly we heard the well known activation noise from the teleporter. Was that a sign from our friends ? We got transported to another crypt. From far we heard fighting noise. We ran into the direction from where the noise came, hailing our comrades. And there they were ! Was that a joy ! After all we were reunited again !
At first we spoke about our adventures. The three comrades were astonished what we have found and how we managed to engage the town's teleporter array. Saba told us how they came to the switch that finally freed the way for us from the prison chambers. After they had heard the magical alert, Mandrag suggested to try out the teleporter array in one of the buildings at the Memorial Place. And luckily they realized that the teleporter now was activated. It brought the companions to a small island inmidst the castle's trench, where the regular entrance stairs to the Castle Crypt were located at. Without hesitation they descended, hoping to find us soon. In the first level they found a Wisdom3 potion and to the north a stairway down to the deeper sections. They took it and came into a part of the dungeon where they found a returning throwing weapon called Golddagger (26oz W6-A1-D5-S5-P5) in one of the monster's paws and a rusty iron switch which one they pulled and thus freed our way.
Being together again we decided to further explore the Castle Crypt. Bergarac was likely to be imprisoned here, so we supposed. Since the teleporter to the north of the spot where Toronar and I arrived could not be disengaged by magic, we went back to the first level section from where the companions had come and followed the unknown floors to the east. On our way we found some fountains, a Hulkshelm, Cranegloves and Heavengloves (3oz W0-A11-D2-S2-M28), which we took from a defeated Minotaurus. We also found another stairway which led downwards. We entered a well constructed part of the third level. There much armament could be found (Crimstaff, Flamehammer, Stamina4 potion, Intellg4 potion, universal Lightrobe (21oz W0-A10-D9-S9-M23)). We also found a mysterious Brol Gem.
Downstairs we went again. There we entered the Brol Chamber which was shaped like a cross. Three gems looking just like the one we had found before were placed at the walls inside the chamber. We didn't know what to do but by experiment we made our gem glow in front of each other gem. We left the chamber and headed forward. In one of the following rooms a teleporter array we hit. Now we had entered some storage rooms. By teleporting around we found a Charm4 potion, another fantastic Warphammer, heavy Chrystscale, a Smashhelm (157oz W9-A9-D2-S8-M0), another Diamond Helm, yet another Gemstaff and Demongloves. Finally we were transported to another hall of many doors.

Each floor behind the doors had a glowing pad at its end. The pads were extremely hot. However, in order to activate the teleporter in the southern floor I had to touch every single pad. It hurt much but well, I was no coward.
We came to a floor where we found Xantasshoes and a Holy Mortar in the niches. An exit teleporter and a downwards stairway followed to the floor to the west and to the south. We were not to go back for sure and so we descended to the fourth level of the Cassidian Castle Crypt.

Mai 2th 1932. A TRIP TO HELL !
Mai 4th 1932. THE LAST STAND !
December 17th 1998. THE PRESENT DAY !


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